WoW Dragonflight: Everything We Know About Patch 10.1.5

The next big update is making its way to the game, bringing new content and significant changes to many of its aspects. We gathered all the info about Fractures in Time, so if you want to know more about the upcoming patch, our guide is here to walk you through the most notable additions and alterations.


When Will Fractures in Time Go Live?


At the moment of writing, there’s still no official release date for the next patch. However, a roadmap shows that the update is expected to launch this summer. Many speculate that we can enter Fractures in Time sometime in July, but we need to wait for official confirmation to be 100% sure.

What's New for Warlock Class?


We’ve already covered the new Evoker spec and the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon, so now let’s take a look at the changes coming to Warlock in Patch 10.1.5. As you know, now Warlocks can choose only between certain races to play, but when the update comes out, they’ll be able to pick any (except for Drackthyr). That way, the races available for this class are:

  • Tauren
  • Highmountain tauren
  • Mag’har orcs
  • Zandalari trolls
  • Pandaren
  • Night elves
  • Draenei
  • Lightforged draenei
  • Kul-Tiran

On top of that, Warlock will be able to unlock imp pet customization for completing a new questline. Moreover, they can take their pets to the Barbershop to change their looks. Exciting!

Allied Races Automatic Unlock


Since we’ve started talking about races, there’s some news regarding the allied once. You know how long and difficult it can be to unlock these, but in Fractures in Time, you can forget about that. One of the update’s new features is the ability to unlock all allied races once you reach level 40 for at least one of your characters on your account. No more quests or other restrictions (except for level requirements). It seems like life would be much easier then

Explore Old Worlds with Dragonriding

The exciting feature instantly won players’ hearts, and since launch, they’ve been asking for more zones where they could use dragonriding. Finally, the devs listened, and according to the added race achievements, dragonriding is coming to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. 

Furthermore, there will be new flying spells related to how you prefer to traverse: the old flying and dragonriding. For the former method, there’s Flight Style: Static, and for the latter – Flight Style: Dynamic. Additionally, more mounts will get the dragonriding animation in Patch 10.1.5.

Learning Flying and Riding Will Become Easier


Speaking of flying, the Fractures in Time update will simplify the process of acquiring riding and flying skills. Thus, instead of finding a Riding Trainer and paying, you will automatically unlock this skill by approaching a certain level. There are four skills of mount riding you can learn:

  • Level 10: Apprentice Riding
  • Level 20: Journeyman Riding
  • Level 30: Expert Riding
  • Level 40: Master Riding

Those who reach level 30 will get the “Time to Fly” quest that rewards a flying mount, Harbor Gryphon for Alliance characters, and Scarlet Pterrordax for Horde characters.

Time Rifts and New Mounts

Alongside the aforementioned additions and changes, Fractures in Time will introduce a new World event called Time Rifts has players traveling through time-displaced portals to fight enemies and “plug the hole to set the timeways straight again.”

For now, the devs keep other details close to their chests, but despite these, we know that some of the rewards for completing this event will be new mounts that you can purchase with a new currency, Paracausal Flakes. 

And here are some of those new mounts:

Felstorm Dragon

Gold-Toed Albatross

Juggernaut Perfected

Ravenous Black Gryphon

Scourgebound Frostbrood Vanquisher

Sulfur Hound

White War Wolf


Don't Wait and Improve Your Gaming Experience Now!


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