WoW Dragonflight Crafting: Embellishments You Musn’t Ignore

Crafting is the next best thing you can do in the game besides fighting. The Dragonflight expansion made sure that crafters can finally thoroughly enjoy what they’re doing by making each profession more present in the current endgame meta. We’ve released some profession guides in the past, and a couple of updated guides that cover more recent changes in some of the professions.

This guide, however, is a compilation of must-know tips about crafting and progression in general. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Toxified Armor Patch

The Toxified Armor Patch is one of the optional embellishments you can put on your crafted gear Dragonflight. I can be created by combining:

Embellishments as a whole have a huge impact on your build, whether it is the damage-focused build, the healing-focused one, or tanking and survival-focused one. Since the launch of Season 2, the embellishments that were BiS kind of went out of style. This is either because you now have stronger and more powerful Dragonflight embellishments, or the ones that were considered meta earlier have been nerfed.

Leather-wearing classes, such as the Balance Druid, could go for this particular embellishment which basically makes DK embellishment a hundred percent stronger. Combining it with the Slimy Expulsion Boots, you’ll get very strong bonuses to your build. Rogues specs along with the Windwalker Monks, could also sacrifice some Haste in return for increased Nature damage.

Cloth, mail, and plate armor-wearing classes have their own top choices in terms of embellishments WoW.

Fang Adornments

Fang Adornments WoW is a great embellishment if you’re – Vengeance Demon Hunter, Enhancement Shaman, or Fury Warrior, especially for your first upgrade. To craft it, you’ll need:

Being one of the best embellishments Dragonflight early on, it’s fairly easy to craft. Here’s what WoW players say about it:

0.8% is pretty good. It's better for raiding than silken but will fall behind on aoe. The silken sims assuming 70% uptime, and most bosses, especially as you start doing mythic, will range from 50-60% uptime on average, with a boss or two being much lower like Kurog. Fang is a very safe option


Don’t Forget to Use The Spark of Shadowflame

Along with your selected embellishment WoW, the
Spark of Shadowflame is an essential tool for upgrading your armor to meet the Season 2 standards. If you’ve played in the first season, this item should be recognizable as it functions similarly to the Spark of Ingenuity. You can actually swap the Spark of Ingenuity in your item with the Spark of Shadowflame. Remember, this item plays a vital role in player progression, so ensure you’re fully leveraging it.

Crafting and Item Levels in Season 2 of Dragonflight

The significance of crafting and professions makes a comeback in Season 2 of Dragonflight. Players can now craft and recraft items with higher and more relevant item levels (ilvl). Additionally, you can use crests made by enchanters to enhance the possible ilvl your items can attain. Learn more about crests here. Your ability to access items with higher ilvl gates directly depends on your collection of Sparks of Shadowflame. But, how do you acquire these sparks?

How to Acquire Sparks of Shadowflame

NPC's location

Firstly, find Examiner Tae’shara Bloodwatcher. She’s located in Loam, north of the renown vendors. She will have a quest named “Power Unified“. Accept this quest and also take up the weekly quest called “A Worthy Ally: Loamm Niffen” from Mimuup. Note that this isn’t a campaign mission, so it’s optional during your progression through the main storyline. For this quest, you need to earn 1500 renown with the Niffen faction. Read more on earning rep with the Niffen faction here.

As a reward, you’ll receive a Splintered Spark of Shadowflame, equivalent to half of a full spark. By completing this weekly quest every week, you’ll accumulate one Spark every two weeks. For the first week, you can actually get a full Spark because the “Power Unified” quest rewards you with the second Splinter, that’s why you should pick up both of these quests and complete them in tandem.

After acquiring a Spark, you can recraft your Dragonflight crafted gear from the past season, replacing the Spark of Ingenuity in the process. Please note that certain gear, like two-handed weapons, may require two Sparks to recraft instead of one.

Wrapping Up: Harness the Power of Crafting in WoW Dragonflight

In the world of WoW Dragonflight, crafting is not merely an afterthought; it’s an integral part of your gaming strategy. From WoW Dragonflight Embellishments to the mighty Spark of Shadowflame, these elements can significantly boost your armor and upgrade your gameplay to reach the relevant ilvl cap in the current season.

Embellishments, including the Toxified Armor Patch and Fang Adornments, offer a compelling edge to your build. Whether you aim for damage, healing, tanking, or survival, these elements can potentially transform your gaming experience. Moreover, the introduction of more powerful Dragonflight embellishments in Season 2 has ushered in a new era of customization and strategic gameplay.

The Spark of Shadowflame, in particular, stands out as a crucial tool for player progression. It not only serves as an upgrade catalyst but also unlocks access to items with higher item levels (ilvl). Its ability to be interchanged with the Spark of Ingenuity makes it easy to work with. However, the fact that you only can get one of them every 2 weeks, is a pain the ass.

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