WoW Dragonflight Best Tier Sets

In this guide player’s can find everything there is to know regarding the Tier Sets in the upcoming WoW expansion. We attempted to enclose the major part of the gear adjustments made so far in Dragonflight. That way, you will familiarize yourself with the latest WoW additions. Make yourself a cup of tea, we are about to start! 


An introduction to Dragonflight's Sets

In the World of Warcraft universe, a tier set refers to armor pieces made for specific WoW classes. A class defines the character’s spells/overall capabilities. A Set is meant to enhance your character with various new skills.

Once you’ve acquired the first two parts of a set, you are granted a bonus which improves your strength (specifically, one spec key ability). Whenever you get equipped with the 4 pieces, your character’s strength goes up further, affecting the character’s Healing Per Second, Damage Per Second or tanking skills. If you want to further enhance your DPS or HPS skills, we recommend you to also look into the new WoW Dragonflight embellishments.


Tier sets are meant to work in a similar fashion during the upcoming expansion. However, Blizzard stated that the 38 bonuses currently existing, would operate in a more simple way than in other game additions. Is probably due to the reintroduction of the Talent Tree system, which will have bonuses changing mostly core skills. That can enable WoW gamers to explore their capabilities, mastering their own builds. The boost in itself is much more meaningful than the set’s ilvl, so, if you intend to excel at the WoW elder game, a set (whether it is a PvP or PvE) is essential for you.

The newest expansion also features a brand new system called Dragonflight embellishments, spec abilities which can be attached onto gear or weapons to add an Equip bonus. Wow embellishments are extremely various, but they will all boost your stats and give you bonuses in one way or another.

How Can I Obtain The Dragonflight Tier Sets?

While overviewing the big picture, not many modifications have been made. If you wish to acquire the Tier Sets, you have three options:

  • Raiding
  • The Great Vault
  • The Catalyst

Let’s begin with raiding. You can locate the pieces during the VOTI raid. Following the fourth boss, MOBS begin to drop tokens. They could be employed to purchase the Primalist Class Tier Set. The Primalist set features five different pieces. They are the following:

  • Helm (taking down the main boss)
  • Shoulders (taking down Diurna)
  • Chest (taking down Kurog Grimtotem)
  • Gloves (taking down Dathea)

Also, there exist 4 tokens subdivisions in total.

Venerated Tokens

They are employed by the Paladins, the Priest and Shamans

Mystic Tokens

They are utilized by the Druids, Hunters and Mages

Dreadful tokens

They are employed by Death Knights, the Demon Hunters and the Warlocks

Zenith Tokens

They are utilized by Evokers, Monks, Rogues and Warriors



The ilvl of every token can be placed on a spectrum that varies according to the difficulty mode. Additionally, class Tier Sets will vary according to how they were obtained. Dragonflight will feature following tints:

  • LFR (via the Raid Finder)
  • VOTI Normal mode
  • VOTI Heroic
  • VOTI M+
  • Gladiator (finishing PvP Season 1)
  • Elite (finishing PvP Season 1)

Tier Sets could be located in the Great Vault. This concerns raids, M+ and PvP activities. Nonetheless, throughout this option, your probabilities are significantly reduced. The ilvl you acquire is proportional to the raid’s difficulty mode. To access such pieces, it is imperative you defeat 2-6 VOTI bosses.



A third option also exists, in case you don’t wish to run the VOTI raid (the initial raid). During the 9.2 patch, WoW gamers could utilize the Creation Catalyst to transform gear into tier sets. The non-crafted Mystic items Dragonflight features would be particularly beneficial. That component also makes an appearance in November’s expansion, previously named as the Inspiration Catalyst, after the PTR build it was renamed as the Revival Catalyst. Nonetheless, do bear in mind that it is impossible to make Tier slots out of Dragonflight crafted weapons or gear.

What Bonuses Can I Get From The Tier Set?

The Dragonflight Class sets features an peculiar proto dragon aspect, providing the armor with a magnificent finish. Every component symbolizes a specific class. As we’ve stated above, once the four pieces of the set are obtained, you’ll acquire access to bonuses which will significantly boost your account. Here we listed every bonus which each 4 piece set features for the most popular classes in WoW.




Once you’ve gone into Eclipse, upcoming Starfalls/Starsurges  will not charge you 

any Astral Power. Also their capacity to harm your opponent escalates by 50%


For every combo point expended, finishing moves give you a 2% crit during four secs


The harm inflicted by Mangle/Thrash  is boosted to 5%. Mangle can heal damage 

caused upon you to 100%


The crit heals of Efflorescence  escalate the healing of your upcoming Wild Growth 

to 5%, layering it for a maximum of five times. The crit healing power of Lifebloom  

will decrease the cooldown of  Nature’s Swiftness during two secs

Beast Mastery

Barbed Shot is boosted by 5%. Additionally, it escalates the harm caused by an

upcoming  Kill Command to 20%


Your ranged auto-attacks acquire a 15% opportunity of granting an upcoming

Arcane shot/Multi-shot with 100% potential of crit hit


When repeating one of the following spells Raptor Strike, Mongoose Bite, Carve

Butcheryyou are granted a 10% potential of executing them without 

focus consumption


If you hit an opponent with Arcane Blast/Arcane Explosion, the upcoming

Arcane Barrage’s opportunity to crit hit is boosted to 5% and it can be layered up to

four times


The harm inflicted by the spells:


If you consume Fingers of Frost, the Blizzard harm escalates to 25%, additionally

Frostbolt damage is boosted to 50%


The healing capacities of the spells:


If you cast a Hammer of the Righteous/Blessed Hammer, your Parry  would       

escalate to 4% for a total of ten secs. It will also make your Versatility of Light 

last one secs. longer


The harm inflicted by the spells below gets boosted by a 10%


While casting Earth Shock/Earthquake, the character’s Mastery can boost by a 8% 

during five secs


If you finish a pile of Maelstrom Weapon, boost your Haste by 1% for every consumed 

pile during four secs


Crit healing is boosted to a 215%


So far, that’s the knowledge we possess. Whenever new details about Dragonflight come out, we will update this guide. For now, we only wish this info comes handy to you. And remember, if you already set your eye on these cool proto Dragon sets, don’t hesitate to ask about our Dragonflight boosting services! We can help you in anything you need, from Dragonflight power leveling to acquiring the best crafted items Dragonflight has to offer. See you guys on the new expansion!


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