The Mysterious Evoker Legendary Weapon – Unverified Leak (Caution: Possible Spoilers)

There are whispers of an unrevealed Evoker Legendary Weapon that could revolutionize your gameplay. Unverified leaks have emerged, and we’re here to examine the evidence and speculations to bring you closer to the truth.


Legendary Weapon Origins - The Enigmatic Oathbinder

The new Evoker Legendary Weapon is speculated to be a recrafted Oathbinder, a powerful Titan artifact that harnesses Order magic to control entities. The story of Patch 10.1 revolves around the Dracthyr and Oathbinder, making it a plausible candidate for the Evoker Legendary weapon.

Evoker Legendary Weapon Effect

The alleged effect of the Evoker Legendary Weapon is as follows:

Your Empower spells activate the Order magic within, releasing a sphere of Order that seeks a powerful ally, increasing their primary stat by 500 and Speed by 600 for 10 sec.

A Questline of Epic Proportions

Players can expect a lore-filled questline for this Legendary weapon, beginning with the defeat of Scalecommander Sarkareth. The questline is anticipated to explore the Dracthyr legacy, the history of Oathbinder, and the reforging of Oathbinder into a powerful new artifact.

Crafting the Legendary Weapon - Multiple Professions, High Costs

Crafting the Legendary weapon will likely require multiple professions, using expensive materials and a significant amount of gold. The crafting process may involve Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting in line with the repairs needed for a Titan artifact.

The Evidence - Datamined Information, Developer Interviews & Item Tooltip

The existence of the secret Evoker Legendary Weapon is backed by several pieces of evidence:

  • Game Director Ion Hazzikostas hinted at Evokers being interested in what Commander Sarkareth may have for them in an EU Content Creator interview.
  • Datamined strings in the SceneScriptText.db2 file reference a “DracthyrLegendary” tied to an in-game cutscene.
  • Hazzikostas also mentioned hidden profession surprises coming in May, potentially related to the crafting of a Legendary Evoker weapon.
  • Images of an actual item tooltip have begun to surface and circulate in various discords in the WoW community.


While the existence of the Evoker Legendary Weapon remains shrouded in mystery, the evidence and speculation are undeniably intriguing. If these leaks prove accurate, World of Warcraft players can expect a thrilling questline and a challenging crafting process. Stay tuned for updates and prepare for the possible unveiling of this game-changing artifact.

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