Blizzard Unveils Level Scaling in Diablo 4

Get ready to delve deeper into the new intricacies of Diablo 4 as Blizzard introduces an advanced level scaling system. This promising feature aims to keep adversaries continuously engaging for gamers. 


How Does The Level Scaling Work In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 utilizes a level scaling system that intends to maintain enemies always interesting for the players. Diablo’s latest update takes players through various zones as they progress in the campaign, making them feel slightly superior to the monsters they fight with.

Associate game director Joe Piepiora noted in an interview with Eurogamer:

We don't want a part of the game to ever become utterly trivial, such that there's no reason to return to that place.

Once users accomplish the campaign, they can make a new character and bypass the campaign. That will lead them into the world of Sanctuary at lvl 1, beginning in Kyovashad, the central town in the Fractured Peaks region.

This is where the game’s post-campaign elements unfold. The Whispers of the Dead feature assigns players bounty-like tasks throughout Sanctuary, serving an ancient tree, and provides substantial rewards.

Piepiora elaborated:

And when you're playing in that world, you could play in the Fractured Peaks, you could play in Scosglen, you could choose to go down to the swamps in Hawezar

How Will Strongholds Work?

Strongholds is a special case, as the new updated features three different ones:

  • Malnok
  • Kor Dragan
  • Nostrava

Every one of them possesses a self-contained dungeon challenge. Upon clearing it, you’ll unlock new gubbins. And you’ll also unveil new gear. They remain a couple of lvls above your character’s level, offering a challenging experience that may require assistance from some pals. Strongholds maintain a fixed level floor.

You could choose to go and engage with that when you want.

Piepiora mentioned.

If you think like, I've got a really good legendary item I just found, I really like my build, this area is level 32, I'm level 25, I'll try it - we want to give you the option to try to clear these things early if you want, and you get rewards for doing that. You don't have to.

But primarily, the entire game should scale according to the player.

What About World Tiers Level Scaling?

Level scaling within Diablo 4’s World Tiers may need some clarification. World Tiers determine game difficulty. Tier 2 emulates normal difficulty, while Tier 1 is akin to an easy mode, prioritizing the story. Monster levels remain consistent across Tiers 1 and 2, as confirmed by Piepiora.

Upon completing a level 50 Capstone Dungeon at the end of Tier 2, players gain access to Tier 3. Here, the monsters are generally higher level than the player. In Tiers 1 or 2, monsters do not exceed level 50, meaning even a level 60 player can easily defeat them while completing collections or side quests. Increasing difficulty offers superior gear but presents stronger monsters and enhanced challenges.

Piepiora concluded:

You can get a couple of levels higher than the monsters in the area if you out-level a region, particularly during the campaign

Piepiora said, summing up:

But beyond that, we want you to feel like you have to fight against these creatures; you have to keep pushing.

Co-op Campaign Gameplay

In the case of co-op campaign gameplay, the scaling operates differently, as explained in a series of tweets by Diablo 4 development chief Rod Fergusson.

The host of the party owns the state of the world

 Fergusson said. 

If you're aligned (aka at the same point in the quest line) then you all progress. If there is a misalignment (like you invited someone new halfway through), then they won't get the story quest progress/XP until they catch up.

So if you're playing with a group that's not committed to playing together, it's always best to have the player with the least amount of progress to be the host.

Despite questline progression, Diablo 4 individually scales for players, enabling a level one player to play alongside a 30 level character.


Blizzard’s recent unveiling of Diablo 4’s level scaling mechanism reinforces its commitment to offering an immersive, challenging, and rewarding gameplay experience. With this system, gamers can continuously challenge themselves, scaling their encounters to balance thrill and progression. Furthermore, the co-op campaign gameplay aspect demonstrates Diablo 4’s adaptability, accommodating varying player levels within a shared game session, thus promising a versatile gaming experience for all.

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