Bank Big: How To Earn Cash Fast In Grand Theft Auto Online

What is one of the essential parts of GTA Online? Money, no doubt. They are what sponsors your business and heists and what you get as a reward for all your effort. With money, you can buy almost anything in the game, showing off your superiority and just coolness. But what are the most efficient ways to earn lots of it? We’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to answer this question for you. So, let’s dive right into it.


A Quick Word About Money-Making in GTA Online



Whether you’re only starting your way in the game or just trying some new path as an experienced player, you need money to fund your ambitions and access certain activities. In most cases, this sort of funding costs you a lot, but the outcome you get is certainly worth it, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra sometimes because, in the end, you may receive this amount doubled. 

Some methods that we’re going to list here are suitable for those who prefer playing with friends, while others can be used by solo players. That way, you can find what’s the best fit for you or try everything before settling on one or several ways you like the most. With that being said, let’s get to the tips.

Start a New Career from Scratch and with Loads of Cash

No matter if you’re a new player or have been playing the game for a while, you can create a new character to set their criminal path with GTA Online Career Builder and get a $4 million fund to pursue it. You have four careers to choose from, and here’s a quick rundown of each of them:


If you choose it, your primary source of money will be producing illegal substances, forged documents, and counterfeit cash. It requires fewer investments and provides you with a stable income. You can easily purchase needed supplies rather than stealing them, saving yourself some time. However, it’s worth noting that this career path is not the best fit for a solo player. To successfully run a Motorcycle Club, you need a gang, which is hard to assemble if you don’t have friends to play with. Of course, if you’re a loner, no one will stop you from picking this path, but if you do, be ready to work hard, forming a gang, establishing a club, and dealing with all preparations on your own.



Arguably, one of the most profitable careers that you can choose. Just like with Biker, you can just purchase supplies instead of stealing them. Also, to have a good start, you can buy a Chumash bunker as it’s close to Los Santos for making deliveries.




This person specialized in delivering all sorts of cargo. If you choose this path, you should invest in an office and a warehouse first. While you can purchase a cheaper office since it operates the same as the expensive one, it’s best to buy at least a Medium Special Cargo Warehouse to make more profit by storing bigger cargo.


Nightclub owner

The career is a tricky one as you probably won’t make much by only running a nightclub. Plus, it might also be a tedious business as you must constantly complete promotion missions to keep the popularity of your place. However, nothing stops you from investing in one of three other careers for an additional income source. But be aware that it also takes time and money to run.


Once you set the path, you’ll be provided $4 million to help establish your business. You can spend this money however you like, but remember that you can only carry $1 million with you in cash. And that’s one of the quickest ways of making cash in the game.

Plan a Heist or Supply Special and Vehicle Cargo

Heist is a highly rewarding activity, which, however, requires a lot to start. First, you need two or three friends who’ll be working together, and one of you has to own a high-end apartment. Everyone on a team should be highly skilled because the smoother the heist goes, the more money you will all get. Moreover, some heists like The Doomsday ones need big initial investments for purchasing facilities to start them. But if everything goes well, these investments will pay off.

Speaking of what heists to complete, if there are four of you, you can do Pacific Standard Heist, if fewer, then go for The Doomsday Heists that we’ve already mentioned. If you prefer playing solo, try Cayo Perico Heist. By choosing this method, you can easily make up to $400,000 per hour.

Now let’s talk about Cargo. Special and Vehicle Cargo are excellent methods for solo players. All you need is an office and warehouse, which can be quite expensive to purchase, but again – everything will be paid off. Also, you can take on Air Freight Cargo, but it pays way less than other methods and is more suitable as a passive income. So, it’s better to focus on Vehicle and Special Cargo.

One of the best tactics for Vehicle Cargo mode is to store your warehouse with all 10 unique standard and mid-range vehicles, without duplicates, so that every next source mission will provide you with a top-range car. After that, you can export this kind of vehicle and source another, and then stick to this tactic to get richer and richer. This way, you can earn up to $300,000 per hour.

Do VIP Work



This method is a great side source of income. When you start a business as CEO or VIP, there’s a special option available for you in the interaction menu – “VIP work”. It gives you access to numerous missions that you can complete in Invite Only, Crew, Friend Session, and Public lobbies. The first three options allow you to work without intervention from outside, while the last one rewards you more.

The great thing about VIP missions is that you can run them to fill the time when you’re not busy with your primary business, and they are actually pretty exciting. Though this method isn’t as lucrative as aforementioned, it can bring you up to $150,000 per hour as a passive income.

Buy Gunrunning Bunker or Run Motorcycle Club/Nightclub

Gunrunning and owning a Motorcycle Club or a Nightclub are also an excellent choice for making a passive income. If you don’t choose either of them as your primary career in GTA Online Career Builder, you can still run these businesses. The first job revolves around delivering weapons, the second makes you produce all sorts of illegal supplies, and the last one allows you to keep a night venue. Again, they won’t make you as rich as other ways, but you still can make about $80,000 per hour. Though to get a good profit, you need to invest time and money into it as well.

Show Off Your Skill in Time Trials



If you like races and are quite good at them, you can also look into this method. Like with VIP work, you can do it between your other activities. For instance, there’s a new Time Trial each week, which offers you a $50,000 reward in case you complete it successfully. Some races are harder than others, so in order to use this way of making cash, you need to invest your time into practicing speed driving.

Discover a New Way of Getting Rich

In this guide, we walked you through the most efficient and lucrative ways of money-making in GTA Online. No matter what you choose, it’ll bring you income, but the thing about all of these activities is that they take time and money (in certain cases) to start and grind, which isn’t that fun.

Surely, these activities might excite you, bring you joy, and make you feel like a true entrepreneur making a name in the world of shady business. However, if you want to skip the part where you start from scratch and just get a bag of money without breaking a sweat, you can use the services from That way, you save yourself some time and get the desired amount of money that you can then use to achieve any of your in-game goals.

On this note, we’re finishing our comprehensive guide. Thank you for reading, and remember – you can always choose the easiest and fastest way to wealth and enjoy the game to the fullest!


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